jolly chic giveaway

So I was contacted by this company to review some of there items and I don’t like to do reviews right away on items that are sent to me because I want to make sure I get a true feel of the product for you all before I can give it my stamp of apporoval. I managed to grab two items and the shipping was no more then a week, what I did like about the website was it was very honest in there sizing, because I know some companys say true to size and its an xl and feels like an xs. In this case there was a note right next to the sizing saying to get a size larger then you already are because the items tend to be smaller in size, I loved that , to me its little things like that a company does that really grabs my attention. I grabbed a blouse in black which I grabbed in xxl because im normally a xl but since that note was there I grabbed the next size up and it fit perfect!



They had other colors as well but I had to think of work wise and of course black goes with everything. This top allows you to layer any under shirt on the bottom and what I love most about it is that you can pair it with some jeans and some sandals, or you can pair it with some jeans and heels and throw a couple accessories on and bam!!!! you just have a dress down or up outfit. So if you working a 9-5 and want to hit up the happy hour just change your shoes and your good to go!

I also managed to grab a purse to go with it as well, what stood out to me about the purse is the fact that the strap is long enough to use as a cross body bag and as a mom of two, you know we all cant be slugging our purses over or risking them falling. this one caught my attention and the color was a plus as well



So I was thinking of starting a new segment called fashion Fridays were I can post maybe clothes that I have gotten or outfit of the days just anything fashion related and I hope that all of you would enjoy this new segment. I wanted to show you all how I paired these items together.





Let me know what you all thought of the items! hope you all enjoyed them as much as I have. Now to the fun part they offered to sponsor a giveaway and as always I try and make the giveaway as simple as possible. so here are the items I received in case you all want to look at them for yourselves. so a winner will be picked by jolly chic and the will get store credit to there website so you can shop the items there that you would like;) 

Studded Solid Versatile Fashion Handbag For Women 0LR950AN1SN

Plus Size L-XXXL Solid Chiffon Vest Jacket 0AL252010GB

and here are the rules must register and make an account with them, you don’t need to put any credit card info or anything like that its more of a email subscription letting you know there current sales and events also you must go threw my link or the entry isn’t valid

here is the link: Register Link

here are the rest of the rules:

2.must subscribe to my youtube channel just click the YouTube button on top of my blog page
3. follow me on Instagram
4. follow my blog
5. one submission per person
Once you completed all the steps leave a comment down below stating you completed everything I will note it so me and jollychic are on the same page.

hope you all enjoyed this post and hope you enter. good luck!


43 thoughts on “jolly chic giveaway

  1. Tahlia C. says:

    I completed all of the steps 🙂 and thank you for the chance! I was already subscribed to JollyChic but I haven’t been able to type them yet so this is a great opportunity 😍

  2. sarbaby05 says:

    I’ve done all of the links… WordPress: sarbaby05 ….. FB: Sarah Harris….. IG: S.H.Photography_GA ……. Youtube: Just Me ( and I signed up with Jolly Chic using the same email address.

  3. Michelle powell says:

    I’ve completed all the steps hunny. I’d love to win I just seen there site and they have some great stuff I’m gonna order a really cute bag for 6.99 right now. Omg you enabler. Lol. Look what you eat done. Nice blog too. I like it. I’ll be comming back often.

  4. Amber McVey-Phillippe says:

    I completed all the steps: registered with Jolly Chic w/email I also downloaded the app for some extra coupons they were offering! I followed you on YouTube:Amber McVey-Phillippe. Instagram: @amber.phillippe and Facebook: Amber McVey-Phillippe. Super excited! Good luck everyone! And thank you for the giveaway!

  5. kim wing says:

    I was already following most of your pages and now I subscribed to all of them and would love to win a gift certificate. Perfect time to win one for Xmas gifts!

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